Where can I go with the Sand Lynx?
Only your imagination and the training level of your dogs limits where the Sand Lynx will go! It's been used in the dunes, on the street, in the mountains, on logging roads, in the desert... the trail is yours to choose.
In 1977 with only 27 training miles on snow, my Siberians and I finished the Iditarod. We had trained 2300 miles that season in the Oregon dunes with a cart much like the Sand Lynx XL.
In 1994, I crossed Oregon (598 miles) on a Sand Lynx cart, after 600 miles of training on a Sand Lynx XL at the coast.

Will the Sand Lynx survive the abuse my team and the trail will dish out over the years?
YES! 80% to 90% of the carts sold over the last 15 years are still in use today. We guarantee workmanship of this cart for two years (that all fabricated parts we build will not break under normal use). This cart was designed for top performance and top service with minimal maintenance.

Why 4 ATV wheels?
There are several reasons:
-Smoother ride (more pneumatic surface area on the ground to even out the bumps).
-More clearance for travelling the back roads and out in the bush.
-More stability on side hills and uneven ground than with three wheels.
-Better durability and performance in sand, mud, rocks, water, etc.

Why stand up on the Sand Lynx instead of sitting down?
The driver is better able to see and react to trail obstacles. The cart's positive steering mechanism is very responsive- you will be able to steer, kick, run, and manoeuvre with your dogs as the need arises.

Why is the Sand Lynx deck made out of wood, instead of metal like some other carts?
The Sand Lynx is intentionally designed to flex- the deck will bend while you go over uneven ground instead of bending and ultimately fatiguing. This feature adds to the cart's stability and durability.

How many dogs can I run with the Sand Lynx?
Because of it's light weight (#130 pounds), the Sand Lynx is excellent for teams of 1 to 8 dogs. I have commonly run 10 dogs with this cart. We encourage good control work with dog mushing training for the safety of the musher and the dogs on the team.

What kind of brakes does the Sand Lynx have?
The cart has friction brakes on the back tires with a foot pedal. The brake shoes are made out of a rubber material that is long- lasting and easily replaceable.
NOTE OF CAUTION! While you can add a locking mechanism to the brake pedal, two dogs can easily drag this cart on gravel while the brakes are tight. Use common sense in securing ANY cart or sled.

Can I haul equipment for an overnight run?
Yes, you can secure equipment either to the deck ahead of the driving bow or to the cross-piece under the steering wheel.

How can I take my Sand Lynx with me to the trailhead?
The compact size and light weight of this cart allows easy loading into a pickup or trailer with room for dogs and other equipment. You will usually find more trails available for a longer season by using the Sand Lynx with your team.

If you have any more questions, please contact me.

Jim Tofflemire
James E. Tofflemire Enterprises