Anya in an all-time classic shot at 10 weeks old... she may be sweet, but she's also bold!


Anya is our third dog from from Lehmschlog Kennels, and a full sister to Rogan. And boy is this an example of two siblings being VERY different....

Anya is a tough dog in her own way, something of a chewing fiend, and an escape artist like her mother... but has always been tremendously biddable and sweet. She really loves working, she loves making people happy, she always gives every endeavor nothing less than 100%. Combined with her natural retrieving, pointing, and tremendous athletic ability she is really going to be one to watch.

At 1 year old, she's already spending time in lead with her half sister Dulcie and doing a great job. If there's a one-in-a-million dog, THIS IS IT.




Dulcie, Rogan, and Anya enjoying the bed (if not the flash-sheesh Rogan!) summer 2004