This is Rogan's page! Click on the small images to see a larger picture.
Rogan at 6 weeks old. The whole litter was active, fairly uniform, and a little scrappy.
On the deck with the "kids".
In the back yard on a beautiful fall day. He's 9 weeks old. Fanging my nose at 6 weeks old.

Rogan is another pup from Lehmschlog Kennels, and a half brother to Dulcie. He came home with us the first weekend in October 2001 at 7 weeks old, so there's LOTS more to come!

He's proven to be a sweet, headstrong rascal (hence his nickname, "Bat Rastard"). Fortunately, he's finally gotten domesticated since he hit about 3 years old.

Rogan is also a momma's boy. He LOOOVES to snuggle! Of course, he retrieves, points, and chases birds already, and is a DYNAMITE dog in harness... when things are fast enough to force him to pay attention.

Rogan is a good example of why hard driven working dogs often don't make it in pet homes- he can be a handful. He's quick, strong, stubborn, and tends to think he'll just bully his way into doing whatever he wants. Thankfully we put some limits on his behavior early. We like how he's turned out- a friendly, playful, cheerful galoot that's always ready and willing to try something new!

At left is Rogan and Dulcie enjoying the wonderful house we purchased in October of 2002. No, it's not your imagination- Rogan outweighs Dulcie by at least 20 pounds. :)