These are miscellanious photos I couldn't decide what to do with. Click
on the small pictures to see a larger image (if there is one).

NEW HOUSE PICTURES! We have been blessed with a very nice little house on 3 acres with a good well on highway 10 between Ellensburg and Cle Elum. Upcoming projects include letting some of the native vegitation come back- there's actually a lot trying to grow out there. Wildlife includes coyote, Redtail and Cooper's hawks, Kestrels, cottontail rabbits, dozens of suicidal mule deer (I see them EVERY NIGHT on the road), and what seem like hundreds of quail teasing the dogs.
Steve playing fiddle in the living room... I saw the light shining through the bow hairs and I had to give it a try. Hopefully I'll be able to get a better shot with Steve's good camera. Dulcie and Rogan like the heat... this is a super good cents home and we enjoy coming home to find the temps at 70 just by leaving the blinds open!  

The dogs have their kennel in the middle of a 100' by 140' area fenced with electric wire that they can play in when we come home. This keeps the from trying to visit with the nieghbor's quail, deer, chickens, etc.


Dulcie LOVES her new home!


Biking pics- Steve on his c. 1976 Motobecane Grand Touring, Megan on the 1993 GT Backwoods.