Dulcie pointing at 11 weeks old. They come from Mommy with the instinct to do everything!

This is Thrall- you'll never find it on a map, but it's south of Ellensburg on the way to the Yakima canyon. These are potato sheds on an old railroad spur, and I had seen some pheasant wandering around here a week earlier.
I took Dulcie here hoping we could find that pheasant. A storm was brewing, so I didn't know how long I'd be able to stay. There is also a road on the back side of these buildings and a farm on the other side of the tracks past the reeds, so I had to keep the dog in close.
Of course, this is NOT the point that she had when she actually found her first pheasant- darn the photographer anyway! However, she did find one and did a perfect point on it. Not bad for her first exposure.