This is Andrew's page!

Andrew is an Alaskan husky we are borrowing for the 2004-2005 season from mushers Becky and Joe Loveless of Alpine Outfitters. This is the type of dog most commonly seen in sled dog racing- they have traces of their pedigree going back to village dogs in Alaska, but since then sight and scent hounds, setters, pointers, collies, etc have all been mixed in with performance the ultimate goal.

This dog obviously has a lot of saluki somewhere in the family tree. And maybe a pony- he's over 60 pounds and VERY tall! In contrast, most modern racing dogs average around 45 pounds. He does have the typical narrow, lighter boned, angular build that one expects for SPEED.

Andrew is outgoing, friendly, astonishingly intelligent, and can run like a deer. We hope to work him into the team gradually this fall. In the meantime, Steve is really enjoying spoiling him and turning him into a housepet (that happens to be long enough to sprawl off both ends of the loveseat).




Update, late November: Andrew is running with the team in wheel for now and doing FANTASTIC. Our biggest issue now is trying to keep this group under control, because this dog is not only as big as a pony but can also pull like one. YIKES!